To many, Lithuania is an undiscovered destination – a great find for trailblazers and travelers seeking a road less travelled. Now is a great time to visit, as many more travel journalists share their to make it your holiday destination. One piece of advise, don’t take Lithuania’s for granted – each region is very different. We’ve prepared a number of tours that show off the Lithuanian beauty, history and innovation.


Regardless of how much time you will be dedicating for your trip to Lithuania, we sincerely hope that the packaged tours we have prepared for you will acquaint you with this wonderful country in any given timeframe. We offer a number of packages that range from half day tours to longer 2-3 day destination tours. By mixing and matching the tour packages you can create an itinerary for a week of excursions and entertainment. Explore various options and contact our team to customize a package that is right for you.

Family friendly

We are huge fans of traveling families. Most of our tours have a laid back pace and format that is comfortable for children; also our guides can adapt some of the tour content for the little ones. Besides, most of the attractions, including museums and parks have nice discounts for the wee ones and/or the seniors. Majority of the chosen restaurants have a nice kids zone. Last but not least, magnificent natural sceneries and beautiful landscape of Lithuania are always accented and explored on our tours… a special treat for kids.


Perhaps it’s one of the most entertaining ways to learn about a country – traveling and tasting. Lithuania is no stranger to surprising and delighting its guests, as such we kindly invite you to explore our tasting tours. A quick google search will surely bring about the popular dishes such as cepelinai and šaltibarščiai, but you should note that each region has totally unique culinary flare. Hence, we are proposing learning about those regions and exploring the authentic food, which is a nice 2 in 1 deal, don’t you think?


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