“Sandy land” Dishes

Dzukija ethnographic regional kitchen is heaven for vegetarians! That said, meat-lovers can customize their tour to include some Dzukija region specialties like salty bacon.

“Where the wine rivers flow”

The land of beer offers a wine tasting excursion! Gourmet trip to the Northern Lithuania.

Biržai – the Lithuanian Beer Mecca

The best known destination in the Northern Lithuania famous for land craters and beer. Tasting tour of 3 breweries. 

Tastes of Vilnius: beer & beer

The legendary Vilnius beer tasting tour. Did you know Lithuanian countryside beer has unique yeast DNA? Learn about it all on this tour along with tasting this drink.
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per person

VYNUZIS winery

Vynuzis Winery ir Juostuze Manufactury - national heritage with a quality brand

Wine tour in Vilnius

Tasking of unique Lithuanian wines and cheeses across Vilnius cafes and restaurants.