Vilnius - Lithuania’s Capital City

Vilnius is a quaint green city with a spectacular old town (UNESCO world heritage site). We are offering the best acquaintance with Vilnius – walking tours. Get to know the city and its winding medieval streets, grand churches, cozy city squares and unexpected hidden panoramic views and the stories that accompany them. We recommend you spend two or three days to get better acquainted with Lithuania’s capital city. Vilnius, as a destination, is often paired with other must see objects and locations that might be up to 30 km out of the city.

Kaunas - European culture capital 2022

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. Settled at the intersection of two of the largest Lithuanian rivers – Kaunas is an interesting destination with a rich history. Historically it was a booming merchant town, remnants of which can be seen in unique city architecture, as well as a strategic defence location, witnessed by remaining forts and city caste.

Aukštaitija - Northern and Eastern Lithuania

The biggest Lithuanian ethnographic region nowadays being referred to as “Aukstaitija”. It’s northern part is unequivocally considered a beer region, that said, it offerers a lot of unique destinations our Tour Company can unveil. The Eastern side of “Aukstaitija” is referred to as the lake district, where hundreds of lakes can be found, making it a popular tourist destination for Lithuanians. Coincidentally it is also home to the biggest National Park in Lithuania. The region is full of surprising destinations for both adventure seekers, gourmands, nature lovers or history buffs.

Southern Lithuania - Dzukija

DzukijaAn ethnographic region of Lithuania with a unique culture and most importantly unique microclimate. The pride of this region – Pine Forests, that attract Lithuanians (almost all of them)  for mushroom picking in the fall. The forests are also home to in-land dunes, the biggest swamp in Lithuania, the Cepkeliai Marsh and mineral water streams. Dzukija’s most guarded ethnographic heritage are the the old villages and their traditions, which include buckwheat dishes and cross making. This region has a national park designation, and is home to most popular Lithuanian welness resorts Druskininkai and Birstonas. People here are known for their hospitality and is an overall must visit destination!  

Western Lithuania - Baltic Sea Trails

For easier guidance we have called this section of tours Western Lithuania, although Lithuanians group the western side of Lithuania into three regions: Samogitia, The Seaside, and the Lithuania Minor. Ethnographically speaking, these regions not only differ in spoken dialect, history, but also in character and peoples temper. The tours in this region primarily focus on nature and culinary traditions. Although those who prefer town and city exploration, we are offering to visit the port city of Klaipeda, samogitian capital Telsiai or the ‘sun city’ – Siauliai.

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Vilnius - Lithuania’s Heart

Discover the Lithuanian capital - Vilnius! Walking tour in Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage List) focuses on historical highlights and

Amber. The shopping tour

Those who value amber and want to get something unique and unconventional, this exclusive shopping tour is for you.