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Personalized service

We keep the dialog open and seek your input about preferences so we could create a customized itinerary that really inspires you. We can build a trip around your special interests or simply incorporate them into one of the selected tours.

Local expertise

It is vital for us that you have a memorable and authentic experience on our tours. All of our guides are friendly, reputable and have in-depth local knowledge of local history, hidden gems and great attitude when it comes to hospitality.

Years of Experience

We’re no spring chickens when it comes to guided tour operation – as we’ve been in the tourism business for over 15 years. Even our youngest tour guides get an in depth training that reflects the accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Best Value

Reserve a tour today and the team of our agents will be in touch to arrange specific details that accommodate your needs. Since our tours have a group booking rate, you instantly save when travelling with a small to medium sized group.

Insider access

‘Insider’ isn’t just a label for us. It’s who we are. We have knowledge, relationships and expertise that we use in creating one-of-a-kind journeys and experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Natural tour pace

We offer a tour tempo that is comfortable for you and/or your group. Whether you like to walk fast/slow or need to make a special stop to take pictures or want to hop into a shop for few minutes – no problem. The tour pace is up to you.

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Most Popular Tours

Anyksciai - the land of ‘thumbs’

Join us on a tour where both horse rides and train rides are part of the fun. Entertaining for everyone, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

Kaunas & Vilnius Sightseeing + Transfer

Special offer for Lithuania’s guests arriving to Kaunas airport while Vilnius airport is closed for renovations from July 14th to August 18th.

Biržai - the Lithuanian Beer Mecca

The best known destination in the Northern Lithuania famous for land craters and beer. Tasting tour of 3 breweries. 

Four capitals

2-3 day tour, during which we will visit those destinations, which had the honour of being called Lithuania's capitals!

Kaunas - City fortress

Kaunas became a city fortress in the 19th century. It’s incredibly rare that most of the fortress remains intact to this day.

Kernave – Troy of Lithuania

A UNESCO protected site. The complex of 5 fortress hills. The remnants of the former pagan town.


The temporary capital of Lithuania

VYNUZIS winery

Vynuzis Winery ir Juostuze Manufactury - national heritage with a quality brand

Wine tour in Vilnius

Tasking of unique Lithuanian wines and cheeses across Vilnius cafes and restaurants.

Historical Kaunas

Historic merchant town with a wonderful medieval old town.

Signs of History: Long Way to Freedom

From Kingdom to a blank spot on the map. Trials and tribulations of a country that stands proud today. Includes a visit to the KGB museum.

Air Balloons over Vilnius

Vilnius is the only European capital that allows Air Balloon flights over the city.

"Sandy" Dishes

Dzukija ethnographic regional kitchen is heaven for vegetarians! That said, meat-lovers can customize their tour to include some Dzukija region specialties like salty bacon.


Medieval Castle on the island.

Tastes of Vilnius: beer & beer

The legendary Vilnius beer tasting tour. Did you know Lithuanian countryside beer has unique yeast DNA? Learn about it all on this tour.

The Cross Hill and the Sun City

A visit to the hill where the cross forest ‘ grows’, later accompanied by a trip to Siauliai, the 4th largest Lithuanian City.

Uzupis Republic - bohemian Vilnius getaway

Bohemian Vilnius neighbourhood that declared independence on April Fools Day 20 Years ago.

“Where the wine rivers flow”

The land of beer offers a wine tasting excursion! Gourmet trip to the Northern Lithuania.

Vilnius - Lithuania’s Heart

Discover the Lithuanian capital - Vilnius. A short tour focusing on historical highlights and a glimpse at what makes the city tick today.
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Northern and Eastern Lithuania
Northern and Eastern Lithuania

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Lithuania is at the heart of Europe

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BuzzFeed.com recomends Vilnius

Vilnius is in 6th place in "18 Places You Must Travel In 2016" list
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Tour Reviews


Vilnius - Lithuania’s Heart

Personalized tour around the town. My husband and me came to Vilnius last summer, we wanted to see and experience something special, not a regular tourism. We heard about private and “out of the box” tours, provided by Vilnius In Love. We picked a private 2.5 hour tour around Old Town. It was smooth, interesting, by our paste and taste.

Jameson Lamie

Vilnius - Lithuania’s Heart

“Helped Make an Awesome Weekend in Vilnius!”
My wife and I used Vilnius in Love for a day tour to Trakai Castle as well as a beer tour in Vilnius. Our trip to Trakai was easy and enjoyable, thanks to our knowledgeable tour guide. We took some great pictures of the castle, and had kibinai for lunch in a local Karaite restaurant. Can’t do that in your average weekend. The Trakai tour was fun, then we had a blast on the beer tour in Vilnius. We walked all over the city to bars and pubs that we would have never found otherwise and tried more Lithuanian beers than I thought existed. Both tours were an awesome end to our adventure through the Baltics, and Vilnius in Love was professional, punctual, and very entertaining.

Visited April 2016