For your attention, we wanted to suggest two galleries, which you can visit to form a general understanding about Lithuanian artistic development between the 16th and the beginning of the 21st century.

Vilnius has an impressive beer culture worth checking out. Below you can find a list of brewpubs.

In White Guide Nordic 2017 restaurants in Lithuania were classed as excellent. Among restaurants in the Baltic states that were rated for the first time, as many as six Lithuanian restaurants gained the highest ratings!

Lithuanian cuisine. What is it? There are countless Lithuanian tourism websites and tour guide books that will tell you about the traditional Lithuanian cuisine, so will any person you’d meet in Lithuania – they’d tell you to try Cepelinai (otherwise known as heart attack special) and Šaltibarsiai (otherwise known as the pink soup). But the right question should be, where are the best spots that serve these and other wonderful Lithuanian dishes as recommended by locals? Yours truly, team and friends have scoured Vilnius to bring the list that your tummy and adventurous spirit will appreciate. The list includes the spots that locals enjoy for their traditional and experimental Lithuanian cuisine. Be warned, some of these restaurants want to feed you like a Lithuanian grandmother, so the portions might be quite sizeable. We hope great Lithuanian food experience find you well! Write to us with your feedback! And most importantly

Although most people know of large kingdoms like the Romans or the Ottomans, many kingdoms in history have disappeared from public knowledge. These kingdoms were important in ancient history but sadly remain forgotten by most modern people. *** Listverse portal made a Top 10 of Forgotten Kingdoms. In first place you can find – Grand Duchy Of Lithuania (1236–1795)  When most people hear of the country Lithuania, they do not think of a major world power. But for a large chunk of European history, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was one of the most powerful forces on the continent. At first, they were a set of unaligned tribes. But under King Mindaugas, the various Lithuanian tribes united as a single nation. The Lithuanians spread their influence across Eastern Europe, conquering territories all the way from the Baltics to the Black Sea, including large chunks of modern-day Ukraine and Russia. Lithuania also made a