Lithuania now has the euro: Here are 11 ways to spend it

(CNN)Despite all the difficulties facing the eurozone in 2015 – slow growth, increasing debt and high unemployment to name a few – small but lively Lithuania has taken the plunge and adopted the euro, swapping its lita for the single European currency at the stroke of midnight on January 1.

The rebellious former Soviet republic was the first to declare independence from Moscow 25 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Now the country is a vibrant mix of east and west Europe.

So what are some of the best ways to keep that new currency from burning a hole in your pocket?


We’ve compiled a list of 11 ways to spend it.

  1. Littera Book Store at Vilnius University
  2. Rental bike tour of Vilnius old town
  3. Museum of Ethno-Cosmology
  4. Hot air balloon ride over Vilnius
  5. Curonian Spit National Park
  6. Ice-Blokart Sailing
  7. Trakai Island Castle
  8. Karaite culture and cuisine at Kybynlar
  9. ‘Lithuanian gold’
  10. Druskininkai Ski Arena
  11. Basketball

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