The TOP 3 churches to watch live music concerts in

Churches are the buildings used for public Christian worship. Many consider churches to be the places of peace and quietness, and that the only sound floating here is the sound of the organ. Well, it is kind of different here in Lithuania. What would you think about the opportunity to watch live music concerts in an irregular place for that – in a church? We‘ve selected the top 3 churches where you can watch live music concerts in!

Church of St. Johns

The Church of St. Johns (The Church of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Apostle and Evangelist) is located in the Old Town of Vilnius and is a part of the Vilnius University complex. A lot of events happen here every year: diplomas are awarded here, and various concerts and festivals are held. Vilnius University Centre of Culture organizes a series of concerts at the Church of St. Johns – Music Hour at the Church of St. Johns – dedicated to organ music, the Lithuanian Musicians Support Fund invites you to the concert series Alma Mater Musicals that take place every autumn and winter and so much more!

Address: Šv. Jono 12, Vilnius

Church of St. Catherine

The Church of Saint Catherine is the first church to have been totally restored since Lithuania regained its independence. Various cultural events and classical music concerts of the Saint Christopher’s Chamber Orchestra, the boys’ choir “Ąžuoliukas” and other performers are held in this church. Its main nave is adjusted for concert activities (396 seats), the cellars are used as a space for exhibitions, and chamber events take place around the main nave.

Address: Vilniaus str. 30, Vilnius

Church of St. Casimir

The Church of St. Casimir is the Baroque-style church near the Town Hall of Vilnius. Half an hour of religious music and concentration starts here after Sunday’s worship. The Church of St. Casimir is known for excellent acoustics and organ concerts with renowned international musicians. Also, a lot of famous Lithuanian groups, organists, and soloists participate in this church.

Address: Didžioji str. 34, Vilnius


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