An ethnographic region of Lithuania with a unique culture and most importantly unique microclimate. The pride of this region – Pine Forests, that attract Lithuanians (almost all of them) for mushroom picking in the fall. The forests are also home to in-land dunes, the biggest swamp in Lithuania, the Cepkeliai Marsh and mineral water streams. Dzukija’s most guarded ethnographic heritage are the the old villages and their traditions, which include buckwheat dishes and cross making. This region has a national park designation, and is home to most popular Lithuanian welness resorts Druskininkai and Birstonas. People here are known for their hospitality and is an overall must visit destination!

“Sandy land” Dishes

Dzukija ethnographic regional kitchen is heaven for vegetarians! That said, meat-lovers can customize their tour to include some Dzukija region specialties like salty bacon.


One of the oldest and coziest resort towns of Lithuania, famed for natural health procedures, mineral water streams and pine forest surrounding it.

Dzukija national park

One way to describe Dzukija’s national park is enchanted forest - where else can you find inland dunes, mystical streams and swamp bogs coexisting to create such a unique ecosystem?