“Sandy land” Dishes

Dzukija ethnographic regional kitchen is heaven for vegetarians! That said, meat-lovers can customize their tour to include some Dzukija region specialties like salty bacon.

“Where the wine rivers flow”

The land of beer offers a wine tasting excursion! Gourmet trip to the Northern Lithuania.

Air Balloons over Vilnius

Vilnius is the only European capital that allows Air Balloon flights over the city.

Amber. The shopping tour

Those who value amber and want to get something unique and unconventional, this exclusive shopping tour is for you.

Anyksciai – the land of ‘thumbs’

Join us on a tour where both horse rides and train rides are part of the fun. Entertaining for everyone, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

Biržai – the Lithuanian Beer Mecca

The best known destination in the Northern Lithuania famous for land craters and beer. Tasting tour of 3 breweries. 

Curonian Spit

A narrow formation of land between the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon, known for very fragile and distinctive nature, including shifting dunes and primeval forests.


One of the oldest and coziest resort towns of Lithuania, famed for natural health procedures, mineral water streams and pine forest surrounding it.

Dzukija national park

One way to describe Dzukija’s national park is enchanted forest - where else can you find inland dunes, mystical streams and swamp bogs coexisting to create such a unique ecosystem?

Filming places of HBO TV mini-series Chernobyl in Vilnius

Wanna see the locations where 2/3 of the HBO's Chernobyl in Vilnius was filmed? We will try to feel the spirit of the Soviet Union, which certainly was in the occupied Lithuania at that time.