We guarantee that long after this tour, you will have visions of the sea, sand, crooked pines and, undoubtedly, amber.

We will visit two towns – Nida and Juodkrante – during the excursion. Way back when, they were sleepy fishing villages that have transformed into cozy resort towns. Our trip will include a visit to Juodkrantes dense forests, where the sun barely reaches in. We will also hike through the short crooked pine forests, that are holding the whole Curonian Spit marvel together, as the strong roots protect the dune peninsula from shifting.

Speaking of dunes, up next, dune exploration: we shall walk across the sandy formations that have been battered by winds and burnt by the sun. Among the visitor favorites – the Golden dunes, as well as the increasingly alluring ‘Dead’ dunes. At one of the peaks, we shall admire both the Baltic Sea and the Kuršiai Lagoon. Followed by more exploration of the peninsula, where nature still seems to be in charge.

Alas, nature is not the only thing that is awe inspiring in the Curonian Spit- the tales about this region are also quite astounding. They say that an amber castle home to goddess Jūratė once stood at the bottom of the Baltic sea of the coast of the Curonian Spit. Where else could so much amber have come from?

Regardless if you believe the tales or the scientists who attest to Baltic amber healing powers, amber is undoubtedly significant in this region. It was always treated as sacred and highly regarded stone. Up until business folk had though of large quantity extractions, amber was simply fished out of the sea, which nowadays is only done by tourists:) At which point local fishermen shall serve fresh caught fish for our dinner.

Tour start options include Klaipeda, Nida, Juodkrante or Palanga. Those staying in the Curonian Spit for a longer time, are offered additional tour and activity options. Simply contact our team. )

Pick up from Your hotel
WEAR Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
Tour operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately
PRICE € 120 per person (groups of 2 or more people)
If you’re travelling solo or in a group of more than 4 people – contact us for a special rate
Professional local guide



Ferry ticket

Ecological tax

Transfer to Klaipeda
Guide gratuity


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