For easier guidance we have called this section of tours Western Lithuania, although Lithuanians group the western side of Lithuania into three regions: Samogitia, The Seaside, and the Lithuania Minor. Ethnographically speaking, these regions not only differ in spoken dialect, history, but also in character and peoples temper. The tours in this region primarily focus on nature and culinary traditions. Although those who prefer town and city exploration, we are offering to visit the port city of Klaipeda, samogitian capital Telsiai or the ‘sun city’ – Siauliai.

Klaipėda – Lithuania’s gate to the sea

One day tour in the only Lithuanian port town, which includes a visit to the amber factory and the evening of sailing to the gate of Baltic sea.
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The Cross Hill and the Sun City

A visit to the hill where the cross forest ‘ grows’, later accompanied by a trip to Siauliai, the 4th largest Lithuanian City.
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VYNUZIS winery

Vynuzis Winery ir Juostuze Manufactury - national heritage with a quality brand
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Žemaitija (Samogitia) National Park

The hotbed of magnificent nature and peculiar culture in Western Lithuania.
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