Vilnius is one of Top 10 Christmas Displays In The World

According to British portal „Essential Travel Magazine“ Vilnius is among Top 10 Christmas Displays In The World.

Article says:

The festive season is upon us. Throughout the world, Christmas celebrations have begun with carol singing, gift shopping and twinkling lights. In honour of this festive month of glad tidings and goodwill, we thought we’d spread some awe and wonder by sharing Essential Travel’s favourite dazzling displays that pay homage to the world’s most decorative holiday.


Vilnius, Lithuania – Magic Christmas (Stebuklingos Kaledos)

30 November 2013 – 6 January 2014


Lithuania’s capital city twinkles during Christmastime with delicate white and gold fairy lights strung across streets and cascading down building fronts in the Town Hall Square. Cathedral Square hosts the Vilnius Christmas tree, voted both the most beautiful and biggest of its kind in all the Baltic states. This isn’t, however, the tallest “Christmas tree” in Lithuania. Celebrated with festive fireworks, each year the Vilnius TV Tower – 1, 071 feet tall – is festooned with garlands of lights 6 miles long to resemble the icon most representative of the season, apart from Father Christmas himself.

Speaking of Father Christmas, he wouldn’t miss this event and neither would his elves. They man the Christmas train that transports locals and visitors to every charming corner of the city. And once you’ve explored your surroundings, head back to Cathedral Square for the 3D audiovisual projection “Sounds of Heaven” that showcase the history of Vilnius along with fascinating fragments of folklore, seasonal themes and contemporary motifs. Activities at the venue include a Christmas market, ice-skating rink and an International charity fair.





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