Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. Settled at the intersection of two of the largest Lithuanian rivers – Kaunas is an interesting destination with a rich history. Back in the day it was a booming merchant town, remnants of which can be seen in unique city architecture, as well as a strategic defense location, witnessed by remaining forts and the city caste. Adding to it’s beauty is the modern architecture, which began to form in the days when Kaunas was a temporary capital of Lithuania.

Four capitals

2-3 day tour, during which we will visit those destinations, which had the honour of being called Lithuania's capitals!

Historical Kaunas

Historic merchant town with a wonderful medieval old town.


The temporary capital of Lithuania

Kaunas – City fortress

Kaunas became a city fortress in the 19th century. It’s incredibly rare that most of the fortress remains intact to this day.

Kaunas & Vilnius Sightseeing + Transfer

Special offer for Lithuania’s guests arriving to Kaunas airport while Vilnius airport is closed for renovations from July 14th to August 18th.