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Signs of History: Long Way to Freedom

From Kingdom to a blank spot on the map. Trials and tribulations of a country that stands proud today. Includes a visit to the KGB museum.

The Hill of Crosses and the Sun City

A visit to the hill where the cross forest ‘ grows’, later accompanied by a trip to Siauliai, the 4th largest Lithuanian City.


The pride of Lithuania, Trakai is a small city between lakes with the Medieval Castle build on the island. But the story here only begins…

Vilnius – the Jerusalem of the North

This label was stuck on by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. It did in fact become a center of Jewish culture in 17th century Lithuania.

VYNUZIS winery

Vynuzis Winery ir Juostuze Manufactury – national heritage with a quality brand

Wine tour in Vilnius

Tasking of unique Lithuanian wines and cheeses across Vilnius cafes and restaurants.

Žemaitija (Samogitia) National Park

The hotbed of magnificent nature and peculiar culture in Western Lithuania.