We invite you to visit Dapšiai family and their winery. A friendly meet and greet with people who immensely love what they do. Mr. Dapšys has been a traditional Lithuanian winemaker for over 10 years and is a proud titleholder of several awards. His wife is traditional craftswoman who is a second generation traditional Lithuanian band weaver. Alas, a visit to this families home is a great opportunity to experience heritage craft traditions that are alive today.

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DURATION About 2 hours
PRICE € 50 per person (groups of 2 or more people)
If you’re travelling solo or in a group of more than 4 people – contact us for a special rate
Professional local guide Price of wines and cheeses
 Trip to Siauliai
Guide gratuity



Departure time

  • Cozy Dapšiai estate
  • Lithuanian Vineyard
  • Winery and the Wine cellar
  • Traditional Band Weaving machines


Visiting Vynuzis Winery is an opportunity to meet the people who love what they do, which is apparently the core of successful craftsmanship! This is confirmed by multiple awards, that are given to this craft winery, often surpassing event the larger and much older wineries in contests.

We are lucky and proud to have a possibility to introduce to you to the owners of this small winery. Please, meet – Romualdas and Edita Dapšiai. Over ten years they have been perfecting their traditional Lithuanian wine recipes. In their small but impressive wine cellar (by the way, made by Romualdas himself) one can find nearly 15 kinds of wines, from dry to semi-sweet. The greatest discovery and surprise for us was strawberry dry wine! Can you believe it exists?

By the way, Romualdas doesn’t only make wines from berries grown in Lithuania, but also from his own garden-grown grapes. It would be rushing it to call it a “grape vineyard”, but it is worth seeing nonetheless.

Most of the tour involves a visit to the special tasting room, where you’ll have an opportunity to taste wines, and talk a lot about wine production in Lithuania, eco-wine, winemakers association (whose chairman is Romualdas) and other things, both related and unrelated to wine.

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