Unique Adventure: Take a Hot Air Balloon Flight over Vilnius

Unique Adventure: Take a Hot Air Balloon Flight over Vilnius, and Adore One of the Largest Old Towns in Northern Europe from Above. 

Vilnius is one of a few European capitals allowing hot air balloon tours over the city. Due to the current airport renovation, hot air balloons are allowed to fly extremely low, offering a unique experience.

August 2, 2017. The panorama of breathtaking Baroque architecture, red roofs of majestic medieval buildings, winding narrow streets, squares, hills, rivers, and green parks – that’s the experience of those taking hot air balloon flights over Vilnius, one of the largest surviving medieval old towns of Northern Europe.
Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, is home to over 100 registered hot air balloons offering breathtaking city tours from up high. Only a few European cities allow this attraction, but Vilnius has an exceptional privilege of favourable geographic location, infrequent air traffic and flight control service that is very accommodating.

Currently, the conditions to fly over Vilnius are the most unique, since Vilnius airport is closed for renovations until August 18, 2017 – and that offers an opportunity for the hot air balloons to fly extremely low, offering new angles at the stunning views below. Normally, a balloon must rise up to at least 800-1,000m (2,625 – 3,280 ft) height in order to accommodate air traffic – in fact, there have been instances of a balloon safely flying over an arriving or departing plane for some extra thrills.

Hot air balloons usually fly in April – October in Lithuania, during the times of the day when the wind is favorable, and other conditions are right, such as cloudiness, rain, wind speed, visibility, and so on. The final decision about the conditions is usually made right before the launch. The duration of one flight is about an hour, but total time with the preparation is about 3-4 hours. One balloon accommodates about 4-8 people. After the flight, everyone is invited to celebrate with champagne.

Hot air balloon flights can be arranged in other parts of Lithuania, but the most impressive ones are across Vilnius old town or Trakai Castle. To book a hot air balloon tour, get in touch directly with Vilnius in Love tour company, which will also be able to integrate other unique excursions into your Vilnius travel experience.

Those who have already experienced hot air balloon flights say that one of the biggest thrills of the experience happens when the balloon is just taking off the ground. Then the balloon keeps going upwards, and stunning views of the Old Town start opening up in front of everyone’s eyes. Soon it starts grazing the tree tops, and keeps going at 20-30m height.

The magic and beauty of Lithuania from above, photographed by an acclaimed photographer Marius Jovaisa, was revealed in world-famous photography album and a video, called Unseen Lithuania. Click here for the video of Unseen Lithuania, and get ready to book your balloon flight in Vilnius.



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