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Tours title

Klaipėda - Lithuania’s gate to the sea

One day tour in the only Lithuanian

Amber. The shopping tour

Those who value amber and want to

Žemaitija (Samogitia) National Park

The hotbed of magnificent nature and peculiar


One of the oldest and coziest resort

Anyksciai - the land of ‘thumbs’

Join us on a tour where both

Dzukija national park

One way to describe Dzukija’s national park

Kaunas & Vilnius Sightseeing + Transfer

Special offer for Lithuania’s guests arriving to

Biržai - the Lithuanian Beer Mecca

The best known destination in the Northern

Four capitals

2-3 day tour, during which we will

Kaunas - City fortress

Kaunas became a city fortress in the

Kernave – Troy of Lithuania

A UNESCO protected site. The complex of


The temporary capital of Lithuania

VYNUZIS winery

Vynuzis Winery ir Juostuze Manufactury - national heritage

Wine tour in Vilnius

Tasking of unique Lithuanian wines and cheeses

Historical Kaunas

Historic merchant town with a wonderful medieval

Signs of History: Long Way to Freedom

From Kingdom to a blank spot on